There are seven core program competencies each ICT student must complete.  Below are the seven competencies and how I fullfilled them.

1. Discuss the historical, philosophical, sociological, psychological, multicultural, and political influences of ICT on a global economy.

For this competency I decided to use my work in my Seminar in ICT course. In this course we had to read the books “Wikinomics” and had group discussions about the books.


Wikinomics talks about many important topics relating to the power of collaboration work through the use of the Internet. The book talks about websites such as Wikipedia and YouTube and how they become so popular and leverage the general internet population to contribute contents to their site. Wikinomics also talked about many other important such as Open Source Applications, Brain Drain, and Intellectual Properties. These discussions were in very small group (5people total) and very engaging and it sparked many great discussion topics.


Within the class each student had to research and present on a technology and its trend & effect on society. The below attachment is a discussion documents about some of the student presentation and the book of Wikinomoics.

Discussion Enteries
Take Home Exam.pdf
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2. Analyze current issues and trends in ICT.

For this competencies I chose do a research on mobile learning. I believe that education has been pretty much the same for the past few decades and I wanted to explore new ways of learning with our current technologies. During the research I investigate current trend of learning and portable devices that could be use to enhance education in the future.

I chose mobile technologies because I wanted to explore portable devices that could be use to enhance learning. I focus heavily on the Apple iPod touch due to its advance processing technology, applications, screen resolution and popularity.


Once I finish the project I have gained much new and valuable knowledge about mobile education. I learned that mobile education can be an important tool to increase education inter from students. I also learn of many successful polite mobile learning programs. One such example is the Army’s use of similar iPod device for mission detail and to communicate with local Middle Eastern civilians during operation.


In the near future I believe that the use of mobile devices to enhance education will benefit our student due to the fact that they grew up in an environment which they are surround my technologies. As technology advances we as educator must incorporate it into our teaching curriculum.

Mobile Learning
Mobile Learning ICT702_Fall2010.doc
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Mobile Learning PowerPoint Presentation
Mobile Learning.pps
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3. Relate how the information society affects global social transformation.

For this competency, I chose to fulfill it with my wiki about video game and education resources. Wikies has become a very popular way for people to learn more about a particular subject and all contents are contributed by users. Such is the example with It has become a reliable source for students to use as research references.


Wikis has transform learning by introducing user’s input and contribution. Not all information are creditable but with hundreds of users contributing to a single topic, you get many points of views. It is also a good location to start a research because there are usually resources that users have contributed.


For this project, I wanted to have a collection of resources for people who want to learn more about video game in the education system. We were required to find articles, read and write a quick summery about the article.


Click HERE for my wiki.

4. Plan, evaluate, and revise ICT systems.

I chose to research more about World of Warcraft (WoW) to fulfill this competency.  I wanted to learn if this game (ict system) had or could be use as a training and teaching tool in the education system and work industry.  I chose WoW because it is a very popular game played by 11 million people. Through my research I found both positive and negative effects.  

Some of the positive effectives includes improvement of reading and writing skills, gives the user the opportunity to experience different roles, foster teamwork, teaches basic economy, and develops leadership skills.  Negative effects include gaming addiction, physical damage, and it teach violent behaviors.

In conclusion I found that WoW could be use as a teaching and train tool to develop certain skills such as memorization, problem solving, visualization, critical thinking, collaboration, typing, reading, writing and leadership skills.  I also found that students are having difficulties focusing on their education due to these distracting media technologies.  It is not their fault that our society has become so attach to technology that we can not afford to separate ourselves from this partnership.  It is confusing to our students that we want them to learned from old method of teaching while they are surrounded by technology. World of Warcraft is one such technology that is condemned by parents and the education system but has the potential to be a teaching tool.  Video game has been call the next “Big Thing”, it has effect our life in some ways weather we realized it or not.  There will always be a separation between work/school and play but in an age where our lives are interconnected with technology, our education should also be interconnected with technology.  With our children’s attention fixed on video game, it is in our best interest to look their way.  

World of Warcraft: A Possible Teaching Tool?
World of Warcraft A Possible Teaching To
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5. Evaluate and use ICTs appropriate to one's own career.

To fulfill this competency, I chose to do a documentary video base from my Thesis Plan B paper about the use of video game in the education. I chose to combine both of my hobbies because I am a gamer and I want to work in the filming/advertising industry.


Personally for me, I am a visual learner that’s why I have decide to transform my thesis paper into a video, highlighting important findings from my research. It’s also a way to communicate and share my research with others who are visual learners and hopefully it catches more of people’s attention.


After the completion of this project, I have learned a lot about video production. The most important knowledge I learn was the preproduction and scripting. For such a hug project I really need to plan everything out to make sure that I don’t wasted a lot of time. I feel very happy with my final product and think that more people would enjoy it more than my research paper.

6. Analyze the philosophy and principles underlying the organization and operation of ICT enterprises.

To fulfill this competency I chose one of my discussion entries about implementation of new technologies into a company. For many companies there will come a time when they must incorporate new technologies into their environment to continue operation. Implementation of new technology is a vital role in every company. You want the best tool and equipment for your company but must balance your budget. It is important to understand your company and its goals before implementing new technologies. It’s also important to do full research on the inquiring technologies, because it could be the end of your company.

Implementation Discussion Entry
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7. Interpret and conduct research to improve the body of knowledge relating to ICT.

Throughout my Master’s program I found myself doing many research project relating to video game. Video game is a personal hobby of mine so it was only natural to study and research it. For my final research class (Thesis) I decide to continue my work on video and how we can incorporate it into the education system.


This was an intense paper discussing the effects of video game, our current generation of students, and our school system. Video game has a lot of potential to be use as an educational tool to capture and motivate students. The main drawback was the negative effects of video games and game developers don’t make much money from educational games.

Thesis Plan B
Mom Can I Go Play Video Games Now.pdf
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