Video Production

Instructor: Matt Schauf


Course Description:

At the conclusion of this course, each undergraduate student will be able to:
1. Demonstrate proficiency in audio and video (A/V) image planning and acquisition.
2. Demonstrate proficiency in A/V manipulation and editing.
3. Demonstrate proficiency in A/V output and dissemination.
4. Explain the mechanics and electronics of the digital video camera.
5. Apply basic aesthetic values in the production of A/V media.
6. Demonstrate how A/V can be integrated with other forms of technology in a multimedia environment.
In addition to the above, each graduate student will:
1. Write a paper detailing the incorporation of film and video in their field or work.
2. Create a multimedia presentation of the paper.  



Video Production has taught me the necessary skills to effectively create videos.  The Pre-production, Production, and Post-production were the most important skills I learned.  

The 3Ps (Pre-production, Production, and Post-production) are very important in creating video because it lays out the steps for you to follow.  Pre-production such as the treatment and the screen play help decide what kind of shot you will need to take and lays out the story for the video.  Without this step one would feel lost while shooting random footage hoping to make a story out of it. The production stage is where you shoot your videos along with setting up the stage and lighting and it relies heavily on the pre-production stage.  With a disorganized and bad Pre-Production step, the Production part will not be easy.  Finally the post-production stage is where you edit your video and bring everything together.  Without a story or goal (pre-production) you don’t even know where to start editing.  The 3Ps relies heavily on each other to make good videos.
In the future I would love to have a job position as a video producer as I am interest in the overall production of video.  As of right now, I’m more interest in educational documentaries that will help people learn.  I also enjoy short films because they are more experimental and artistic.  These are two areas of concentrating I will focus on as I continue my education.  


Who Am I Screenplay
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Screen Play

The Spirit Catch You As You Fall Script
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Screen Play
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