Video Practicum

Instructor: Kief Oss


Course Description:

This is an independent study which must be completed within the term of the semester the student is enrolled.

•    While topic and overall production approach will be open to the student with the guidance of the course advisor, the study itself must be representative of the amount of work expected of a typical 3 credit project based curriculum.

•    The student will be expected to present a final project reflecting an average of approximately 6 hours per week of dedication to the project, or approximately 96 hours for the 16 week semester.    

•    Deadline’s will be agreed upon by the student and advisor fitting the student’s general project plan. The student will be responsible for meeting deadlines and periodically presenting progress reports to the advisor.


Since there were not much video courses at UW-Stout and I wanted to increase my knowlege of video production and editing, I decided to sign up for independent film production and editing. My main goal was to create projects that I was interest in instead of doing projects the professor had set. I wanted to explore special effects and music video creating. I really enjoyed this class because of the freedom I had and I learned so much from learning by myself.


At times it was hard because you’re lost or stuck on a project and there was no one to help out. It was also very hard to keep motivate since there were no other students in the course to help bounce ideas and get constructive feedbacks.


Overall I really enjoyed the class and I learned so much by doing/learning things by myself.


Unleash the Power Within Script and Story Board
Unleash the Power Within.pdf
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