Seminar in ICT

Instructor: Dr. Steven Schlough



I remember this class was very small, it had 5 students total. Even though it was small it was one of my most memorial classes because we had a lot of great discussions about technologies that motivated and inspired me. For this course we had to read two books and would hold discussions about these books when we meet.


The first book we read was call “Wikinomics” and it was mostly about the power of collaboration through technologies such as the internet. Wikinomics shared a lot of good insights on web giants such ask Wikipedia, Google, YouTube and Facebook. The most important lesson I took away from this book was how powerful collaboration was. With millions of users contributing millions of information, the Internet has become an evolving brain instead of static web pages.


The second book we read was call “The Future of Technology” and it was about important technologies and concepts that revolutionize our society. One such technology was the transistor. It’s a simple device that allows electrical currents to be pass/block. With this technology inside computer chips our technologies has advance greatly. This book also discuss important concepts such as “Brain Drain”, which is the lost of great minds to other countries and how this could be a problem for our country.


Finally we were require to research about a current technology and it’s trend into the future. I could to do my research on Mobile Learning because student today are surrounded by media and technologies about 6.5 hours a day. Laptop and cell phone takes a huge chunk of the 6.5 hours.


Mobile Learning
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