Organizational Research Methods

Instructor: Dr. Sally Dresdow


Quantitative and qualitative approaches to organizational and industrial research. Application of
appropriate research tools to understand interpersonal relationships, analyze and design jobs,
organizations and systems. This course should be taken the next to last semester in a student's
coursework. Development of a research proposal that may be used to complete master's level
field project/thesis.



This was my thesis class and my final research project. You could say it was like a research capstone class. I chose to stick to the one topic I wanted to learn more about, which is video games. I really like to research this topic because the video game industry has become so huge that we just can’t simply ignore it. Our students are obsessed with this violent activity and we must find ways to turn that around and make it a positive and educational experience for them.


My main focus for this project was to find educational video games and ideas to develop these games and incorporate it into the education system. I wanted to research schools that were using this tool to motivate and educate their students and see how effective it was.  There were not many experiments out there but the few that I did find had challenges and it did not seem as effective as I thought it would be. My second portion, which I have not finished, was to survey students who and find ideas to make some educational video games that could be suitable for in the classrooms.


Video games still has a long ways to go before it gets incorporated into the education system. The main drawback was it’s negative contents and once you translate all the fun negative stuff into positive education materials, student do not think it is fun and cool anymore. On the other hand it has a lot of potential to be a supplemental tool for learning. We need to find the right balance between violence and education to make it work.


Plan B Thesis Papaer
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