Learning Technology

Instructor: Kevin W. Tharp


Course Description:
Overview and selection criteria of instructor‐led, computer‐based, and distance
learning systems for delivering content to trainees in the workplace. Includes the
development of training materials in a variety of formats.




In this class I learn about different ways to use technologies to educate. Class was divided into three parts.   I learned about Second Life, using blog/wiki to post topics and start discussions, and I had to write a research paper about a technology.

In Second Life I learn how to use the program to communicate with others who have same interest and profession as me. The professor held lectures online through Second Life and we were require to accomplish certain task. This requires us to travel the hug world of Second Life and explore very unique online locations built by users. Some built for pleasure, other’s build for business. SL opened my eyes to new ways of online interaction. Most users are used to the 2d internet but SL puts you on a 3d space and your character is the mouse point that you must navigate.


Using micro blogs such as Twitter and Wiki to post up quick news/information was the second topic I learn in this class. I was required to create a Twitter account and this was our main way of finding out assignments and updates from our professor. Micro blogs are effective ways to quickly pass news and updates because it is popular and easy to use.


My last project for the class was writing a research project. I chose to write about video games and how it could be use in the education system. I am a video game lover and I wanted to learn more about the effects of video game and if it was possible to incorporate it into our schools. My findings were pretty astonishing. I found that video game can be effective teaching tools with correct supervision due to its addictiveness and violent contents.

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Link to my Wiki on video game and education resources.