Independent Study - Video Documentary

Instructor: Dr. Steven Scholough



The reason I took this independent class was to translate all my video game research into a format that would reach the mass audience. This was also a chance for me to improve my video production and editing skills. I feel the need to translating my research into video format because it would reach more of the younger generating.


Through this course I have learned many valuable skills in video productions. Scripting was the most important skill I learned. Learning scripting was a must because my video documentary was a hug project. The script helped keep me organize and it was a blue print structure to follow. Without a script I would feel so lost and confuse in all the video footage that I have shot.


Working with people was the second most important skill I acquire from this project. I always thought that people would be so will to participate in a video documentary because documentaries are cool and exciting videos to watch. I was so wrong. It was so hard to find people to interview and shoot footage. Most of them did not reply to my contact or they tell me that they are shy and uncomfortable with filming. I really had to work around people to get them to be involved.  


Click HERE for the video!


Video Game and Education Script
Video Game and Education.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 201.3 KB