ICT in Organizations

Instructor:  Steven Schlough


Course Description:

Evaluation of information and communication technology. Impacts of information and communication technologies on organizations and society.



In this class we learned about information technologies in companies and organizations. We did a lot of online discussion base on readings. The online discussions were a perfect use of technology for the class. We discuss topics such as implementation strategies, technologies and that could help or hinder a company.


Besides the discussions, we were required to do an online presentation on a technology that could be use as a learning teaching/training tool within an organization. I chose to focus on the video game World of Warcraft. I wanted to learn if this 11 million user video had any sort of training/learning values that could be useful for an organization. To my surprise there were quite a few training/learning values such as improvement of reading and writing skills, gives the user the opportunity to experience different roles, foster teamwork, teaches basic economy, and develops leadership skills.


World of Warcraft: A Possible Teaching Tool?
World of Warcraft A Possible Teaching To
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World of Warcraft Presentation