Advertising and P.R. Photography

Instructor: Peter Galante

Catalog Description:
A survey of Advertising and Public Relations Photography trends and practices as a component of Graphic Communications Management and commercial reproduction processes. Emphasis is placed on: image capture, manipulation, file management, workflow, output as well as identifying and meeting client needs and expectations. The relationship between photography, typography and design is stressed. A digital SLR camera is required. Prerequisite: Media 204 Exploring Photography.


The most important thing I learned in this class was working with a group of people. The professor stressed the importance that in the real word, you work with people. Right at the beginning of class he assign student into teams. Because our grads are link together, we must work together. This was very challenging due to the fact that most student don’t work in teams. Another reason for have a team is because in photography, it takes a lot man power to get good images. There are lightings to consider, props to gather and create and people to manage.


There were three projects that we were require to do. The first two are ads for any product you chose. The last one was creating an annual report for a company. All three projects require us to use our teammate to help produce the best photography. Through the process of working with a group I learned to improve my photography skill and the use digital SLR cameras. My team provide insightful information that I could understand and it was always a hands on process.


Red Bull Ad - 1
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Red Bull Ad - 2
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Red Bull Ad - 3
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